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My Treatments
Indian Head Massage 
Indian head massage has been practised in India for over 1,000 years and was originally developed to keep long thick hair healthy, it became part of the grooming routine.
The treatment includes massage of the face, upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp. To relieve stress, ease tension and promote relaxation.
45 Mins ------------------ £25 
 Hopi Ear Candling 
Hopi means 'peaceful people, people of peace'.  The Hopi's were a Native American Tribe who were the first people to introduce this treatment to Europe.  The Hopi people lived a spiritual lifestyle and were very knowledgeable where healing was concerned.
A Biosun ear candle (in the shape of a hollow tube) is gently placed into the entrance of the ear and held in place by the therapist. As the candle slowly burns it creates a gentle suction action. Once both ears have been treated the candling is followed by a facial massage designed to help drain the sinuses and promote deep relaxation. 
This treatment is excellent for any ear, nose and throat problems including Sinusitis, headaches, Glue-Ear and Tinnitus, to name but a few.
45 Mins ------------------ £21 
Pronounced Ray - Key, Japenese for "Universal Life Force Energy".
The energy is channelled through the practitioner's hands to the recipient.  Reiki can be used for a whole range of problems,  it is an extremely relaxing and a very calming treatment.
Reiki can also be given to animals, if you require a reiki treatment for an animal please contact me for further details.
1 Hour ------------------- £20
Crystal Wand Healing Facial
This facial massage is a totally unique treatment which uses crystal wands and a selection of crystals to bring about total relaxation and relief from stress and tension.  The facial includes cleanse, tone, Egyptian nourishing binding mask, face, shoulder and arm massage and a rhythmical routine of fifteen minutes crystal deep tissue strokes.
1 Hour ----------------- £40
EFT involves the therapaist tapping on the meridian points of the client to relieve negative emotions. It is quick and effective method of treating fears and phobias, anxiety, trauma, addictions and weight loss.
1 Hour ---------------- £25  
Reflexology is a natural therapy that involves applying gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet.  Reflexology stimulates the bodies own healing process, it induces a state of relaxation, boosts the immune system and brings about a calmer mind.
Reflexology is good for reducing stress, improving circulation, stimulates the removal of toxins and impurities from the body and balances the whole system, these are only a few benefits that reflexology offers.
1 Hour ----------------£25
Sole to Soul
This is a wonderful combination of reflexology and indian head massage; to bring about deep relaxation to body and mind, while stimulating the bodies innate healing power.
HD Brows
HD Brows is a seven-step brow shaping treatment for the ultimate in well-groomed high definition brows.
Now you have some information about my treatments why don't you treat yourself to some much needed "me time" and try one out
Please note 24 hrs notice is required
for cancellation to avoid full charge.
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Any of my treatments offered are not to replace medical care from your GP or medical professional.
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